Welcome to the Pillow-PhonicTM reseller’s gate, and thank you for your interest in our quality products.
We are the developers and manufacturers of Pillow-Phonic
TM / PillowSonicTM  products.

If you are an on-line merchant, a health care professional, or have access to audiences that would be interested in,  or that our product could benefit, and are interested in reselling Pillowsonic, we invite you read the following so that you can decide the right way for you to become involved in the marketing of our products.

We offer two different programs:

  • Affiliate Program

    This program is automatically managed by special software installed in our site.  It allows you to feature Pillowsonic products on your web site by simply subscribing to our Affiliate’s Program. Any sales produced by your site (or by promotional landing pages you may publish) will be processed via our site and fulfilled by us. A 20% commission will be automatically tabulated by our affiliate’s software, and the total commissions accumulated will be automatically paid once a month, via PayPal.

    NOTE that if you do not have your own website, we can produce code-specific landing pages for you to promote, and all the sales generated by such page(s) will continue to produce indefinitely, a 20% commission for you.

    NOTE that our prices may include shipping, and that commissions are paid only on the net selling price of the product, and not on the portion of the price that pertains to shipping.


  • Reseller
    As a reseller, you will order product by the case (25 or 50 units each).  This will give you a greater discount and sales will take place and processed at your site, and you will do your own fulfillment. 

    To inquire about this program, send us an e-mail with a description of your type of business, the audience to which you cater, and telling us why you think you can successfully resell our product(s).  Please include a link to the web site(s) where you are planning to feature our product. Once approved, we will e-mail your username and password for access to pricing details, text, photos and to a cart from where to place your orders at your discounted prices.

Again, thank you for your
interest.  We are here to help you!



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