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 25 reviews
by laura stark on Pillow-Phonic

Five Stars. Love this, thank you

by Greg Richardson on Pillow-Phonic

Works great!

by Brad Overby on Pillow-Phonic

It does work as advertised and the cord is definitely long enough and is much better than trying to use headphones in bed.

by Reinaldo Soffge on Pillow-Phonic

WYEIWYG (What you expect its what you get). Good product, meets my expectations.

by Crystal on Pillow-Phonic

An excellent product for the price. Getting to give up my headphones while falling asleep would be worth any price, but happily this product is very reasonably priced, and works quite well!

by Christine J. Warren on Pillow-Phonic

I love this so far ! I need to listen to music at night to stop my mind from working ! Hubby needs peace and quiet ! I was hesitant to purchase this, but I sure am glad I did ! The sound is incredible and I'm sleeping so much better. I put it in my pillow case under my pillow, and I can hear it beautifully...and hubby NOT AT ALL ! WIN WIN !!!

by Loriann on Pillow-Phonic

Well worth it as I was buying 2 dollar store earplugs a week because they broke so easy. I used this for over a year and it held up extremely well. It has a strong cord that doesn't break and cut off the sound after a week. I'm ordering another one right now. Well worth it as I was buying 2 dollar store earplugs a week because they broke so easy.

by Curtis Turchin on Pillow-Phonic

These have made sleeping with tinnitus SO MUCH BETTER. They are flat, and fit easily under my pillow, inside the pillow case. The cord is long so I can hook it up to my sound machine, and I like that I can move them around depending on where I want my head to be on the pillow. So affordable and haven't had any problems since I started using them several months ago.

by Karen Oaks on Pillow-Phonic

Love The Pillowsonic Speaker! Its soft enough under the pillow so that I don't feel a lump under my pillow. Its loud enough for everything meets my expectations. In fact, when my grandchildren come to sleep over, I need to share as they like it so much. :) <3

by Shayne M. Garcia-Bish on Pillow-Phonic
Occupation or Organization: Teacher
City & State: Zelienople, PA
Country: USA

My Pillow-Phonic is one of the best gifts I have ever received. The music enables me to relax as I fall asleep, yet isn’t noticeable to my husband. Moreover, the speakers are inconspicuous, contributing to the overall comfort of the pillow. The Pillow-Phonic is a high-quality, innovative product.

by Ana Maria Dalmastro on Pillow-Phonic
Occupation or Organization: Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist
City & State: Coral Gables, FL
Country: USA

I find this a very nice product for relaxing and soothe tension. I like the quality of the pillow. The speakers inside are really unnoticeable. When I lay my head on this pillow and I turn the audio on with any of my favorite tapes or CDs, I feel like floating with the music. I like the freedom it gives me to toss and turn in bed, and still have the sound touching me so softly. Mmmmm…. I love it!

by Evelyn Montebello on Pillow-Phonic
City & State: Butler, PA
Country: USA

I bought the pillow after seeing it featured on Action News, Channel 4. I liked it so much that two days later I bought two more — One for my daughter and one for my grand daughter. I think this product is a great idea. I find the pillow to be very comfortable, and the sound coming from within really seems to caress you.

by Christine B., RN on Pillow-Phonic
City & State: El Paso, TX
Country: USA

Thank you for the Pillow-Phonic you gave me for my niece Brenda. She is only eight, and has leukemia. She is being treated at the Columbia Hospital of El Paso,Texas. She absolutely loved the pillow. Furthermore, all the other kids on the floor heard about the pillow that Brenda had and all started asking for one. The hospital tested a second Pillow-Phonic, and they claim it is now helping nurses and doctors with children, by sedating them during treatments, with the fairy tales and lullabies that the pillow sings to them. What a wonderful product you have!

by Ann Szeerba on Pillow-Phonic
City & State: Pittsburgh, PA
Country: USA

Sometimes I have a difficult time falling asleep at night, or I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. I received a Phonic-Pillow for Christmas and it has solved my sleeping problems. The relaxing music and the sounds of the babbling brook soothe me to sleep in no time at all. The pillow is so soft and plump too. My husband also enjoys this amazing experience. So, needless to say, our pillow is utilized most nights. What a wonderful gift. Everyone should own one!

by Jack O'Brian on Pillow-Phonic
Occupation or Organization: O'Brian Advertising
City & State: Erie, PA
Country: USA

I gave the sample you gave me to my wife, and I was never able to get it back. She simply loves it!

by Orville Burch on Pillow-Phonic
Occupation or Organization: Director of Development, Lutheran Affiliate Services
City & State: Mars, PA
Country: USA

We came across your product at a focus group presentation and we are very impressed. We are an institution dedicated to the health care of people with cognitive aliments, such as alzheimers disease and other conditions, and we believe that Pillow-Phonic could be very comforting and helpful for may of our resident patients. We'll be following up shortly with our findings.

by David Wise on Pillow-Phonic
Occupation or Organization: Teacher
City & State: Mars, PA
Country: USA

I bought a Pillow-Phonic in your store at Station Square last month. We liked it so much, we ordered two more. Now, every one at home has one except me. I think I already know what I'm getting for my birthday! My oldest son, who is kind of "picky" when it comes to his pillow, finds Pillow-Phonic not only very enjoyable, but also very comfortable. Now, he uses it every single night.

by Stephanie Pugliese on Pillow-Phonic
Occupation or Organization: Make-A-Wish Foundation
City & State: Pittsburgh, PA
Country: USA

We gave one of the pillows you donated to our organization this past Christmas, to a terminally ill child. Not knowing what else to do to comfort him, we thought of placing his head on a Pillow-Phonic and we played one of your tapes. This was the first thing our young patient responded to after having been in a coma for one entire week.

This note is jut to let you know how much joy your pillow brought to both the patient and his family, and to thank you for your generous donation.

by Frank Brittner on Pillow-Phonic
Occupation or Organization: Graphic Designer
City & State: Pittsburgh, PA
Country: USA

A friend gave me a Pillow-Phonic a couple of months ago, and I in turn gave it to my wife, who suffers of chronic migraines. She's been using it every night ever since, and apparently is helping her to cope with the severe pain. I think yours is a good product.

by Marlene Smilack on Pillow-Phonic
City & State: Monroeville, PA
Country: USA

I bought a Pillow-Phonic for my hyperactive 6-yr old grandson, and I must tell you that your product works. He is very happy with his pillow and has helped at making him stay in bed when he should. Now, I just have to keep on buying different tapes to maintain his interest.

by Art Percy on Pillow-Phonic
City & State: Penn Township, PA
Country: USA

I gave a Pillow-Phonic to my wife as a Christmas gift and she just loves it! When our 2-year old grandson comes to visit us, he loves laying on the pillow too. Your product is worth every penny.

by Jennifer Fritz, MS on Pillow-Phonic
City & State: Ontario
Country: Canada

I've learned about your product at the Music Therapists Convention, last November, in Cleveland, Ohio. Pillow-Phonic is a good aid for administering certain kinds of music therapy. I tried one and loved it. Now, I am recommending it to my clients.

by Jay Sterling on Pillow-Phonic
City & State: Saxonburg, PA
Country: USA

I have always been a light sleeper but never wanted to recur to medications. I decided to give Pillow-Phonic a try and I must tell you that has helped me a lot. I put in one of your tapes and in minutes I'm out. I can't even listen to the end of the tape because I'm sleeping way before it ends. This is very relaxing. Thank you for a good product.

by Cristina Blymiller on Pillow-Phonic
City & State: Renfrew, PA
Country: USA

It works! I had taken pills to help me sleep for the past two years. Since the first night I slept on my Pillow-Phonic I did not need the pills any more. I love the Babbling Brooks tape that comes with it. Your pillow is great.

by Kristina Vasquez on Pillow-Phonic
City & State: New York, NY
Country: USA

Thank you. I received my order and child loves it. Even my four month old listens to it.