Pillowsonic was designed as an audio accessory for your pillow. Like any speaker set, Pillowsonic connects to all sound sources with a 3.5mm audio jack, such as digital players, smart phones, TV/radio, and more — and placed under your pillow, delivers your audio programing of choice with absolute clarity, at intimate, safe volume levels, with sound that emerges from within your pillow.

You will not realize anything is there, except for the sound that caresses your senses in total comfort, without headsets or ear buds.

Unlike headsets, Pillowsonic will not isolate you from other (at times critical) ambient sounds — like a call for help from another room, an alarm, a phone calling, intruders; and neither you’ll have to deal with entangling cables. You will have total freedom to toss and turn without missing a beat.  

With Pillowsonic, you will enjoy the most comfortable audio experience at bedtime. 



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